Five proof jacquard blackout zebra blinds

Product:Flower blackout zebra blinds

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Winter is coming, and many homeowners are worried about how to choose windproof window decorations~



Five proof jacquard blackout zebra blindsFlower blackout zebra blinds


 1-99 square meters:$12.99

 100-499 square meters:$9.99

 >=500 square meters:$6.99



 Shipping time:3-5days



Control system:bead rope/motorized/spring

Origin country:China

Opening and closing method:Upper Open


Applicable Window Type:American window

Five proof jacquard blackout zebra blinds

The balcony is the best lighting area of the whole house, and you can see the beautiful outdoor scenery through the window. The balcony has the longest sunshine time and high sunshine intensity, especially in the face of the test of hot summer sunshine, it is very important to choose a suitable sunshade product.

Jade Horse five prevention flower blackout zebra blinds - waterproof, fireproof, mildew proof, sunscreen, formaldehyde proof; Using polymer coating process, the color fastness to sunlight reaches grade 8, with excellent sunscreen function. At the same time, our jacquard series is more suitable for home decoration while meeting the functional requirements.

Five proofing functional jacquard fabric series, simple jacquard design, each of which has a design patent, is a personalized, high-value functional zebra curtain on the market. The fashionable design of the product perfectly demonstrates the diversified space style.

At the same time, all fabrics are made of healthy and environment-friendly materials, and aseptic treatment is carried out in all production links, which has a significant effect of bacteriostasis and mildew prevention; The double-layer fabric can adjust the light by dislocation, shade and heat insulation, and protect privacy; Simple fashion, beautiful atmosphere. Jade Horse five prevention flower blackout zebra blinds makes the balcony space more free and comfortable.

Five prevention functions and applicable scenarios are recommended:

Waterproof: PVC composite molecular coating, strong hydrophobicity.

Applicable scenario: bathroom and kitchen

Fire prevention: coated with imported fire-proof materials, it has strong fire-proof and flame-retardant function, and will not continue to burn in case of fire.

Applicable scenario: kitchen, office area, project needs

Sunscreen: imported toner: good oxidation resistance and high UV protection coefficient. The color fastness reaches grade 8 of the national standard. The product is not easy to change, does not fade, and has a long service life.

Applicable scenario: balcony

Mold prevention: aseptic material and process treatment, and aseptic treatment is carried out in all links, so bacteria cannot reproduce, and it has permanent antibacterial and mold prevention effect on harmful bacteria.

Applicable scenario: hospital, family kitchen, bathroom

Formaldehyde prevention: environmental protection material, which has passed the EU Oeko-Tex 100 textile ecological test and the Swiss SGS certification ecological test, and is green and healthy.

Applicable scenario: hospital, School


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