How to avoid stepping on the blind?


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How to avoid stepping on the blind?

Briefly sorting out the types of shutters that have been widely used in the past two years, they generally include aluminum shutters, wood shutters, cloth shutters, leather shutters, Shangri La blinds, vertical blinds, soft gauze blinds, and beehive blinds. Among them, the beehive curtain also has a day and night honeycomb blinds, and the dream curtain of the recent fire.

1. First, let's talk about the Shangri La curtain. There is a layer of fabric sandwiched between the two layers of yarn. The material is polyester fiber. The reason why Shangri La wins is that its appearance is like the ceiling of the shutter curtain, which can be used as full and half shading. It can also be used as an electric appliance. The market price ranges from more than 100 to 300. The fabric can be treated with waterproof and dust-proof treatment, and the hardware accessories are also particularly important. The advantages are needless to say that the beauty is very high. It is a highlight of indoor soft decoration. Compared with the dusty weather in the north, it is more suitable in the south. The only thing to pay attention to is to learn how to clean

As a matter of fact, it is basically floating ash, tapping gently with a feather duster, or using a hair dryer for a long time. Try not to wrinkle when washing. For installation, if the width of the inner diameter installation base is reserved at least 10 cm, and if the outer diameter is reserved, 2 cm can be added at the bottom of both sides of the window. Pay attention to the position of the handle to see which side is more convenient.

2. About the wooden louver: the wooden louver has always been the favorite of commercial space to change the light and shadow effect, and is the advantage of the wooden louver. The width of the leaf is usually 5cm, and the effect of the wide louver is really amazing. The wooden louver used in the market now is usually made of basswood and phoenix wood, which is light in texture and is not easy to deform. The family environment is mostly used in the study cloakroom, and the wooden louver can also be combined with the gauze curtain. The effect is excellent Many people worry that it is not easy to take care of the solid wood shutters. The price of wood shutters varies from one to two hundred to four to five hundred according to the configuration. Windows larger than two meters should be made into two pieces as far as possible. Too wide blades will also greatly reduce the life of the base, and it is not easy to pull them up and down. As for the installation base, 10 cm is reserved. The only difference is that if the window is opened internally, the external decoration must be done. At the same time, whether the closing and opening of the window will be affected when the shutter is tightened should be considered. When measuring the size, pay attention to measuring more upwards.

3. About aluminum louvers: aluminum blinds were mostly used in dry office areas in recent years because of the transition from commercial space to interior design. Aluminum louvers are also increasingly used in the field of home decoration. The blades are 2.5 cm and 3.5 cm 5 cm. Different manufacturers have different blade widths, and aluminum louvers are mostly used in areas with heavy water vapor, such as toilets and laundry rooms. The waterproof and moisture-proof area is incomparable to all louvers. Compared with wood louvers, aluminum louvers are not so strong in texture, but their practicality ranks first. With regard to the installation base size, the 5 cm measurement method is similar to wood louvers. Determine whether to open the window internally or externally, and then determine the specific interior or exterior decoration The lighting effect is also very good. The market price ranges from tens to two to three hundred yuan. There are ladder belt models and ladder rope models. The colors are also varied

Do you know how to use such a pure shutter?

Wood shutters: the favorite of the design space, its 5cm thick solid wood leaves and clear solid wood grain give a thick and natural feeling. It is more appropriate to use in the study space. If conditions permit, the wood louver must be matched with a gauze curtain, so that you will feel more relaxed and soft after work and study.

Shangri La Curtain: a new light and shadow spirit with its unique structure

The ingenious combination of yarn and cloth makes it quickly applied in the home decoration space,open up, become the favorite of designers, the creator of light and shadow, and unique, louver structure is softer than conventional louver.

Aluminum shutters: waterproof, mildew proof, moisture-proof and easy to clean is a great advantage of aluminum louver. It is mainly used in the bathroom, kitchen, family card room, and can be washed directly with water.

Built in honeycomb curtain: it solves the problem that the shutter cannot be installed for the inner window. The very soft light and shadow effect is also a good choice. The unique honeycomb structure, noise reduction and UV protection are its great advantages.

PVC louver: special soft light blades are placed in the locker room in front of the make-up mirror in the study, which is the best choice for many young women nowadays. One of its small disadvantages is that it is not resistant to high temperature


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