The control mode of zebra blinds and the styles with different shading effects

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Shading zebra blinds

The control mode of zebra blinds and the styles with different shading effects


 1-99 square meters:$12.99

 100-499 square meters:$9.99

 >=500 square meters:$6.99



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Control system:bead rope/motorized/spring

Origin country:China

Opening and closing method:Upper Open


Applicable Window Type:American window

Characteristics of zebra blinds products

Zebra curtain, also known as soft gauze curtain, rainbow curtain, roulishdeng. It is a kind of textile fabric made of small pieces of fabrics and gauze with equal width, which is fixed at one end and rolled with the shaft at the other end to adjust the light.

Zebra curtain integrates the atmosphere of roller shutter, the warmth and mistiness of fabric curtain, the visual effect and dimming function of shutter, and integrates a variety of special technologies. It is a product with simple operation, fashionable appearance and practical functions.

In modern life, people pay more and more attention to quality, and have higher and higher requirements for food and housing. Of course, they are more and more strict with what they use. Curtains are the soul of a house and often set the tone for the whole room. In the past, the family curtain was covered with a piece of cloth. As long as you can't see the interior from the outside, it's OK. Now it's not. Now it's the basic requirement to cover it, and the curtain can play a decorative effect. Therefore, the intelligent window decoration industry came into being.

Zebra curtain is a big kind of intelligent window decoration, also known as rainbow curtain, zebra curtain, double-layer roller shutter, etc., which originated in South Korea. It is an innovative product of window decoration, which adopts double-layer fabrics to adjust the light - the fabrics have two kinds of horizontal bar designs of transparent yarn and flexible yarn. The horizontal bars and horizontal bars are staggered with each other, and the amount of light input is adjusted by overlapping or staggering the horizontal bars with different light transmittance on the two layers of fabrics. When the flexible yarn horizontal bars and transparent yarn overlap, the amount of light passing is the smallest, and when the two layers of transparent yarn overlap, the amount of light transmission is the best. Whether used in office, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, it can bring you a quiet and elegant private space.

Classification of zebra curtains:

According to the shading effect of fabric, it is divided into shading zebra curtain and semi shading zebra curtain; According to different control methods, it is divided into bead pulling zebra curtain, cordless zebra curtain and electric zebra curtain.

Shading zebra blinds: full shading fabric can achieve 100% shading effect.

Semi shading zebra blinds: 

made of polyester fabric, it has good light transmission and ventilation effect, and can be widely used in offices, cafes, home places, etc.

Beaded/manual zebra blinds

usually controlled by Beaded rope strips, the Crystal Beaded strips with silent design are smooth and have very low noise.

Cordless/spring zebra blindsmanual control up and down.

Electric/motorize/automatic/smart zebra blinds: up and down through motor control (the control method is Remote/Google home/Amazon Alexa/Phone APP)

The motor is divided into battery motor, hardwire motor or AC motor

Product function

Zebra curtain can easily adjust the intensity of light, which is environmentally friendly and durable. It is not easy to deform and change color when exposed to the sun. It can effectively block ultraviolet rays. It combines the advantages of cloth curtain and gauze curtain, and has the functions of this shutter and Roman curtain.

Zebra curtain is simple to operate, with diversified shading forms, which does not hinder vision. Because zebra curtain has many advantages, it is an ideal choice for office and home window decoration.

1. Use in living room

2. Restaurant use

3. Bedroom use

4. Study use

5. Kitchen use

6. Toilet use

7. Balcony use

Zebra curtains are also of various styles, with different colors, sizes and patterns. Consumers can buy many products.

Simple style, double-layer fabric, can adjust the indoor light dislocation;

Strong three-dimensional sense, the perfect combination of warm soft yarn and sunshade fabric, integrating the functional advantages of shutter, roller shutter and fabric curtain; When the fabric is pulled, the outdoor scenery and soft light can be penetrated into the room. When the fabric is closed, it can be shaded and shaded, completely isolated from the outdoors, ensuring privacy and showing the simplicity and elegance of the zebra curtain;

The product has the functions of shading and penetrating the scene, and can well control the light, prevent peeping and dust, and has the function of heat insulation and warmth preservation when the curtain is opened and closed.

Zebra roller blinds fabric features:

After special processing, it has anti-static and anti ultraviolet functions;

The tail inclination of fabric stripe is controlled within 5-7mm (conventional domestic fabric >15mm);

Some fabrics have the function of absorbing and decomposing formaldehyde; (the fabric model contains the letter "g");

Intelligent zebra curtain fabric makes light control more humanized.


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