Characteristics of various window decoration fabrics


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Winter is coming, and many homeowners are worried about how to choose windproof window decorations~



Characteristics of various window decoration fabricsvarious window decoration fabrics


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Roller shutter fabric classification knowledge

1. Sunshine fabric: polyester fiber, glass fiber and PVC are commonly woven and mixed, which are woven by special methods. There are holes on the fabric, which can selectively control the light transmission. It is suitable for general office places. The transparent and sunny fabric roller shutter can see the outdoor scenery and effectively block ultraviolet rays. It is widely used in office environment. The particularity of fabric material and engineering requirements. The general fire rating reaches the national standard B1.

2. Semi shading fabric: it can block your eyes, so you can't see the indoor and outdoor people, but there is light entering the room; It can effectively block ultraviolet rays and achieve a good concealment effect.

3. Full shading fabric: it can be divided into white coated full shading, silver coated full shading, uncoated full shading, etc. It is suitable for places with strong sunlight, or environments that need no light at all, such as bedrooms, video conference rooms, windows facing the street, etc. Because of its good shading and heat insulation effect, it is also one of the most common choices for office curtains.

Zebra curtain fabric features:

Waterproof: PVC composite molecular coating, strong hydrophobicity.

Fire prevention: coated with imported fire-proof materials, it has strong fire-proof and flame-retardant function, and will not continue to burn in case of fire.

Sunscreen: imported toner: good oxidation resistance and high UV protection coefficient. The color fastness reaches grade 8 of the national standard. The product is not easy to change, does not fade, and has a long service life.

Mold prevention: aseptic material and process treatment, and aseptic treatment is carried out in all links, so bacteria cannot reproduce, and it has permanent antibacterial and mold prevention effect on harmful bacteria.

Formaldehyde prevention: environmental protection materials, one-time through the United States Greenguard, the European Union Oeko-Tex 100 textile ecological testing, Swiss SGS certification ecological testing.

Honeycomb curtain fabric features:

Energy saving: the unique honeycomb structure air layer design, with extremely low thermal conductivity and shading coefficient, can effectively block heat exchange and save energy;

Noise isolation: it has excellent sound absorption and noise reduction performance, up to 0.7 sound absorption rate, which can change the indoor reverberation and meet the sound effect needs of different spaces;

Block ultraviolet rays: it can effectively filter ultraviolet rays and block up to 99% of ultraviolet rays;

Various styles: there are various fabrics such as transparent yarn, semi shading, full shading, etc., and there are also rich choices in color and texture;

Easy maintenance: the fabric is treated with antifouling and antistatic treatment, and it can be wiped gently with a portable vacuum cleaner or semi dry cloth at ordinary times.

1. Full shading honeycomb curtain

The full shading honeycomb curtain has the functions of heat insulation and sound insulation, which can effectively maintain the indoor constant temperature and quiet space. Because of its full shading design, it can effectively protect privacy and is mostly used in study and bedroom.

2. Semi shading honeycomb curtain

The semi shading honeycomb curtain combines the function and elegance of the honeycomb curtain with the classic pleated curtain design, overcomes the weakness of the pleated curtain that the curtain body straightens due to the increase of height and weight, and makes the curtain body consistent up and down, the color is integrated, the light transmission is not transparent, and the privacy is comfortable.

Benefits of wood blinds:

1. The leaves of the wooden shutter curtain are made of high-quality natural wood and natural bamboo through dozens of processes such as drying and sterilization. They have good solid wood texture. The overall color matching of the shutter is very beautiful, and E0 environmental protection paint is used, which is safe and reliable.

2. The wooden shutter curtain has a simple and elegant spirit in the middle ages. It is suitable for home and office.

3. Wood shutter curtains are made of natural logs, which are close to nature, advocate nature and return to nature.

4. Wooden shutter curtains are suitable for various climatic characteristics, both north and south.

5. Wood shutter curtain can be processed with wide ladder belt, which has higher selectivity.

Aluminum shutter features:

1. Light weight, high strength

Aluminum alloy shutters mostly adopt hollow thin-wall composite section, which is not only light in weight and convenient to use, but also has excellent bending strength of the section and is not easy to deform.

2. Good sealing performance

Aluminum alloy louvers are made of sealing materials with excellent waterproof, elasticity and durability, which have excellent sealing performance.

3. Beautiful appearance

Generally, the surface of aluminum alloy profiles is anodized, with rich colors and high gloss, which makes the whole indoor space more layered.

4. Strong corrosion resistance

There is an oxide layer on the surface of aluminum alloy shutter, which has certain corrosion resistance, and the surface is not easy to fall off and fade. At the same time, there is basically no maintenance.


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