Dimming performance of zebra blinds

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Winter is coming, and many homeowners are worried about how to choose windproof window decorations~



Semi shading zebra curtain

 Dimming performance of zebra blinds


 1-99 square meters:$12.99

 100-499 square meters:$9.99

 >=500 square meters:$6.99



 Shipping time:3-5days




Control system:bead rope/motorized/spring

Origin country:China

Opening and closing method:Upper Open


Applicable Window Type:American window

Do you know which window decoration has the strongest dimming function?

Summer is coming, and many homeowners are worried about how to choose shading products. This year, Chengdu Hehua smart window coverings Co., Ltd., a shutter company in Chengdu, launched a new product - Zebra curtain, also known as soft gauze curtain, rainbow curtain, rose, dimming roller shutter, double-layer roller shutter. It is a kind of textile made of small pieces of fabrics with equal width and gauze spaced from each other. One end is fixed and the other end rolls with the shaft to adjust the light.

When the gauze overlaps with the gauze, the light is relatively soft, reducing the direct light to a certain extent. When the cord fabric overlaps with the cord fabric, the light is completely blocked, so as to finally achieve the purpose of blocking the light. When the curtain needs to be completely opened, the curtain can be rolled up.

Zebra curtain integrates the warmth of fabric art, the simplicity of roller shutter and the dimming function of shutter. The curtain is simple to operate and has diversified shading forms, which does not hinder the vision at all. It is an ideal choice for modern office and home window decoration.

According to the shading effect of the fabric (shading effect from low to high), the zebra curtain can be divided into semi shading zebra curtain, hemp like zebra curtain and full shading zebra curtain:

1. Semi shading zebra curtain, 

one of the most common zebra curtain styles, is woven from polyester fabric, which has good light transmission and ventilation effect, and can be widely used in offices, cafes, homes and other places.

2. The hemp like zebra curtain adopts hemp like fabric

and the shading effect is better than the semi shading zebra curtain, which can reach about 75%. The fabric is simple and generous, which is a good choice for users who like natural style curtains. It has the natural and beautiful effect of bamboo and reed curtains, and can adjust the light at will. It is a new choice of home curtains.

3. Full shading zebra curtain adopts full shading fabric, which can achieve 100% shading effect.

Double layer translucent cord design - middle translucent cord: it has the function of opening the shutter and adjusting the angle of the cord, which can make the cords with different translucent degrees overlap, and has the soft texture of the fabric. It can effectively block ultraviolet rays. The surface of the cord fabric is treated with high temperature and high pressure and anti-static. The soft yarn cord fabric is not easy to accumulate dust, and the cleaning and maintenance is simple. The fabric is not easy to deform. There is a hidden top groove. When the curtain is completely closed, the cord fabric and the bottom groove are completely hidden in the top groove, which can effectively protect the curtain. Hehua zebra curtain integrates the warmth of fabric art, the simplicity of roller shutter and the dimming function of shutter, with simple dimming form and simple operation. Run with zebra, feel the dim light and warm wind, and taste the different lights in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Zebra curtain is an ideal choice for romantic home and fashionable office window decoration.

Hehua zebra curtain products have a variety of fabrics, and different choices give you different feelings, either elegant, passionate, gentle, or warm... According to the shading effect of fabrics, they can be divided into semi shading zebra curtain and imitation hemp zebra curtain, with the shading effect from low to high.


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