Classification method of roller blinds

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Classification method of roller blinds


 1-99 square meters:$12.99

 100-499 square meters:$9.99

 >=500 square meters:$6.99



 Shipping time:3-5days



Control system:bead rope/motorized/spring

Origin country:China

Opening and closing method:Upper Open


Applicable Window Type:American window

Classified by roller blinds fabric transmittance

1. Full shading roller curtians 

It is suitable for places with strong sunlight, or environments that need complete blackout, and has good shading and heat insulation effect. It can be divided into silver coated full shading, uncoated full shading and white coated full shading.

2. Semi shading roller blinds

Opaque but light, semi shading fabric can block the light, after the curtain is down, indoor people can't see outdoor scenes and people, when light shines in, it can also effectively block ultraviolet rays.

3. Sunshine roller shutters

Sunshine fabric is woven by special methods. The roller shutter of this fabric can effectively block ultraviolet rays without affecting the field of vision, and has the function of penetrating the scene.

Classification according to electric roller blinds control system

1. Bead roller shutter

It is one of the most widely used roller shutter control forms. The price is close to the people. When the driving part of the bead is manually pulled, the cord fabric will rise or fall, and the action will be smooth and stable.

2. Spring roller shutter

The spring roller shutter can adjust the rise and fall of the fabric within a certain range to achieve arbitrary stay. Gently pull down, and then let go, and the fabric can freely return to the top of the curtain. Compact, flexible and convenient operation.

3. Electric roller blinds

Electric roller shutter is an upgraded product of roller shutter with simple operation and quiet and stable work. It can be operated by means of button switch or remote control. Compared with similar products, its cost performance is very superior.

Classification by application form

1. Window roller blinds/shutters/curtains

In the most common application form, the size and quantity can be adjusted according to the size of the window.

2. Rolling blinds for door

It is suitable for glass doors, and adopts the upper and lower spring control mode, which can realize shading at any position, with high flexibility.

3. Skylight roller blinds

The relative position of the skylight is high and presents an included angle. The skylight roller shutter is used, and the intelligent operation switch is used to control the opening and closing of the roller shutter.

Classified by fabric

1. PVC roller shutter

Good shading, temperature control and sound insulation, and first-class functionality.

2. Polyester roller shutter

It has good shading, temperature control ability and sound insulation effect, and is suitable for modern and pastoral styles, with strong decoration.

3. Bamboo roller shutter

The shading, temperature control ability and sound insulation effect are general, which is suitable for Chinese and Japanese styles. The richness of fabrics makes the roller shutter have a strong sense of artistic design.

Classification by application form

1. Sun blind

It is a conventional application type of roller shutter, which is applied to windows, glass doors, etc. it plays a sunshade function and creates a comfortable environment for the interior.

2. Spray painted roller blinds

The whole pattern is sprayed on the roller shutter, which usually only requires display or decoration, but also can play a role in shading. It is mainly used for advertisements, personal portraits, exhibition site layout, commodity display background, posters, etc.

Printed roller blinds

3. Common functional roller blinds in government bidding

Develop roller blinds with corresponding functions according to the needs of the use environment, such as flame retardant and fire prevention in public places; Mildew proof and antibacterial roller blinds used in hospitals and other environments with high health requirements; Oil proof and antifouling roller shutter for kitchen; Waterproof roller shutter for bathroom, etc. In the final analysis, it is the innovative development and progress of roller shutter fabrics.


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